Glenn: My First Triathlon

I competed in my very first Triathlon on Sunday, July 19, in the Niagara Subaru Triathlon and all I can say is “What a Blast”

GH Niagara TriMy training with Blast made it possible for me to complete this Sprint Triathlon. The encouragement of Coach K and Coach Heather is just outstanding, they truly believe in Blast tagline, “anything is possible”. I have always been a runner, but would have never thought that I would complete any type of triathlon, but the entire group encouraged me to sign up for a race. Blast is a friendly and encouraging environment that gives athletes the proper tools to complete a triathlon. After my first Triathlon I must admit that I am hooked! I hope I have many more races left in me. The exciting part is that I really do not know where this will lead, but what I do know is that this athletic, active journey will be supported by all at Blast!

-Glenn H.

Thanks Glenn for sharing your experience! We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see what’s next for you on your triathlon journey!

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